Host Family

Why host an au pair?

  1. Affordability
    Often, parents are first drawn to the idea of hosting an au pair because it is affordable. The cost is approximately $341 per week, regardless how many children you have. With Go Au Pair, there is no extra cost for special skills like infant care or special needs children. For families with two or more children, this is easily the most affordable option out there, and with one child it is still pretty competitive with nannies and daycare. 
  2. Quality, Personalized Childcare
    Your au pair doesn’t only care for your children during the day while you work, she also lives in your home and learns from you how to care for your children. She (or he) sees first-hand your approach to discipline, what kinds of foods you eat, and what your values are. She joins you at dinnertime and on family excursions, becoming a member of your family. This has a great influence on how she cares for your children.
  3. Convenience
    No more rushing children through breakfast so you can get them to the babysitter’s house on the way to work, no more worrying about what you will do if your child is too sick to leave the house but well enough to not need you. It is so much easier to have your childcare provider living in your home!
  4. Reliability
    Sometimes you really just need an extra pair of hands. This is especially the case for parents of multiples and single parent families. Even when your au pair is not on duty, she is an adult in your home, helping to keep the family running.
  5. Flexability
    Your au pair can work up to 45 hours per week, and these hours can vary from day to day (with a few guidelines). If your work schedule is unusual or variable, hosting an au pair could solve a lot of the stressful problems you have had regarding childcare. This is a great option for people who work in healthcare, emergency services, overnight shifts, etc.

Are there requirements to become a host family?


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