Group activities are one of the Department of State (DoS) requirements. Go Au Pair requires that every Au Pair attend at least 4 of the 6 activities offered throughout the year.  The DoS also requires all Host Families to attend 1 Family Day every year.

As your Local Area Representative (LAR) it is my responsibility to plan and participate in these cultural, social, and educational activities. I will do my best to plan activities on different days of the week and at different times of the day so Au Pairs and Host Families will have an option of when to attend. The cost of the activities will be kept to a minimum. Should there be an activity that is more expensive I will provide extra warning so Au Pairs can save up for it. The summer months (May-September) tend to be very hot here in the Phoenix area. Most local/regional activities and some businesses are closed during these months.

Please leave comments below with ideas for things to do or events to add.

JANUARY – Happy New Years!










NOVEMBER – Happy Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER – Merry Christmas!


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