Drowning Prevention

SRP and The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona have put together and printed a Drowning Prevention flyer and I would like to share this information with Go Au Pair  au pairs and host families because child drownings are the top cause of preventable death for Arizona children.

Most drownings involve kids between 2 & 5, and occur in a backyard pool.

Just three basic steps can save the life of a child today:

BLOCK access to swimming pools with Layers of Protection. The best barrier is a pool fence. Add childproof locks and chimes on doors leading to the backyard. Never prop open a gate, and make sure that children cannot climb furniture or trees to get into the pool area.

WATCH children closely when they have access to the water.  More than two thirds of children who drown in Arizona were not expected to be near the pool. When swimming with children, stay close enough to touch them if they need assistance. Make sure you have a designated adult to watch children when they swim, especially at large gatherings.

LEARN  what to do in an emergency. If a child is missing, check the pool first. Keep your CPR skills sharp by refreshing them once a year, and teach children how to swim at the appropriate age.

Even when children can swim like fish, it’s essential to continue to block access to water. Entry for any family member into water should only be allowed with direct supervision, because a drowning can happen to anyone at any time.

Want to learn more about child drownings, or get involved in the effort to keep children safe in your community? Check out the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona’s website at www.preventdrownings.org .

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