Avoiding Communication Problems

When I was in Sweden as an exchange student I went to the Gymnasium. Did I work out there? Not really, gymnasium is Swedish for high school. One day during lunch at said gymnasium I was practicing my Swedish. Half way through the short sentence (three words long) I stumbled and switched back to English. Jag ar (I am) … FULL. Everyone looked at me shocked!!!!! “What did I say?” “You just told us you were drunk.” “Oh. Well how do I say I’ve got a lot of food in my stomach. And, I’m done eating?”

Avoiding Communication Problems Recently, my 9-year-old son was playing outside with my neighbor’s 10-year-old nephew who was visiting from Cork, Ireland.  After a while, my son came into the house crying.  It seems he had gotten into an argument with the little boy and was quite upset.  I asked him what happened.  Apparently, they were “rough playing” as boys that age tend to do.  Some pine cones were thrown and then some words were exchanged.  “Well, what did he say?” I asked … Read More

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