Mistakes Made with Car Seats

Mistakes Made with Car Seats There is an article that I really liked that I want to share with both Au Pairs and Host Families.  The article can be found at: http://www.babycenter.com/0_car-seat-safety-the-biggest-mistakes-parents-make-and-how-to_64875.bc?scid=momsbaby_20110419:3&pe=MlV5WVJwRHwyMDExMDQxOQ…  It talks about the biggest mistakes made with Child Safety Seats. I know that with my little ones I’ve unfortunately made some of these same mistakes.  It is import … Read More

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One Response to Mistakes Made with Car Seats

  1. Safety should be your first priority. If you are unsure about a safety concern please contact your local childproofer. If you are based in Arizona contact Arizona Childproofers, the leaders in children’s safety, childproofing, and pool fences. azchildproofers .com. 480-998-SAFE.

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