Understanding J-1 visa denials

Understanding J-1 visa denials I founf this on Go Au Pair website, and since I have been recieving so many questions about especific au pairs’ nationalites, maybe this can help the families to understand a little more. The U.S. Department of State recently waived certain regulations for Libyans in America using J-1 visas due to the current political turmoil in Libya. Many Libyans have lost partial or complete funding from their home country. Although Libya is not one of the 60 … Read More

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Celebrating America’s Independence Day

Celebrating America's Independence Day It goes unsaid that the 4th of July is one of the most important national holidays in the USA.  It is our country’s birthday of course.  The day we declared our independence from the Great Britain. Of course in typical American style we celebrate it with backyard BBQ, town festivals and FIREWORKS. This is a great opportunity to share with your au pair just how our country was founded.  How our Founding Father wrote down their grievances and sent … Read More

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Father’s Day Poster

I came across this idea for Father’s Day a few weeks ago; a candy bar poster.  It’s easy and I know my kids will have a blast making it for their dad.  Au pairs can easily customize this for the dads in their families with the kids help.  All you need is a poster board, pens/markers and candy bars.  Here are some ideas for what to write. I know it’s not PAYDAY, but it’s Father’s Day and Dad you are worth $100GRAND to us.  You are better than a tr … Read More

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Available Au Pairs

Available Au Pairs In June we are pleased to feature our Au Pairs from Panama General Attitudes:  Panamanians are used to visitors from around the world creating an atmosphere of tolerance and harmony among the people. Panama and the United States have had a long relationship, better known for the construction of the world famous Panama Canal which opened in 1913. Panama is very Americanized, with many American television programs and the cultural traces lefts by t … Read More

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Why are we celebrating Memorial Day?

While many American families and their Au Pair will mark Memorial Day this weekend with outdoor barbecues as the first celebration of summer, few may know the history of the holiday. This special day has roots stretching back more than 140 years to the Civil War. The very first Memorial Day commemoration was proclaimed on May 5, 1868. An U.S. Army general ordered flowers laid on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers at the newly estab … Read More

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Manners Every Kid Should Know

I was at a friend’s house the other day when her 3 year old daughter bumped into me.  “Excuse me”, she said.  I immediately thought to myself, “Would my 3 year old say that?”  Honestly, I’m not really sure.  It seems like we work on manners a lot, but it takes them a long time to “get it”.  I found an article on the top 25 manners every kid should know before the age of nine.  It’s a great reminder for parents and au pairs to make sure their char … Read More

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The best proof of the quality of au pair childcare

From an Au Pair mom The best proof of the quality of aupair childcare is success of the au pair program in your local community. To help address my concerns about au pairs as childcare providers for babies and toddlers, my local au pair agency coordinator gave me a phone number of a mother with children of similar ages to mine, who was successfully hosting au pairs. Talking to her, asking her questions, helped me witness the success of the au pai … Read More

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